Acupuncture will help you to feel relaxed and balanced

About Us

Angela Morris MBACc Lic ac

My mission is to help you to help yourself feel physically, mentally and emotionally complete. I am committed to assisting people to realize their full potential in life. By helping you to feel well, relaxed and positive, using the minimum amount of intervention.


Include a gentle Japanese style of acupuncture 

Lauterstein method of deep massage

Homeopathic  medicine

K Taping

Acupressure (no needles)

Personal training plans for over 50 plus

Call by text, email or telephone for an appointment to find out how you can benefit from a tried and tested system of medicine. contact us here. 07954181222/01639 769861

Our Program

Please call to discuss a treatment plan to suit your personal needs. Hope to see you soon!


"The treatment is worth every penny " -- Mrs.M. Neath

"You never let me down" -- Mrs.C. skewen

" I felt so relaxed " Mrs.W Briton Ferry

" I slept really well after the treatment" Ms.G Pontardawe

" You have a magic touch" Mrs.H Swansea

" I am sleeping much better,driving again, fell much less anxious, lost some wieght and have now got a job." K. Briton ferry